Featured Item – 1966 Fender Guitar Amp

If you play electric guitar and are looking for more volume, then Windy City Jewelry & Loan‘s Featured Item this week is for you.

Our Featured Item today is a 1966 Fender amp with a foot pedal. Normally, the retail price for one of these used electric guitar amps is $2,500. However, Windy City Jewelry & Loan is selling one for the low price of $1,697! That means you can save over $800 on this vintage Fender guitar amp. Whether you’re a Fender collector, amateur songwriter or professional musician needing more equipment, you can’t beat this great deal on a classic 1966 Fender amp.

This is just one item from our vast Evanston store. If you’re curious about the rest of our selection, come visit Windy City Jewelry & Loan today!


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