Featured Auction Item: Limited Edition Music Box!


Do you love exquisite craftsmanship? We have a beautiful Reuge Dolce Vita music box for sale that is a fine example of classic woodwork. It is one of only 99, making this limited edition Swiss music box a magnificent collector’s item.

This exceptional piece is made out of burr thuya, boxwood and cherrywood. Two beautiful white rose inlays adorn the lid, which opens to reveal a gilt base-plate that features a pearlised finish. The 5 cylinders within this piece each feature 3 melodies – meaning the Reuge Dolce Vita music box contains over an hour of music for you to enjoy.

Music and fine wood craftsmanship are combined to make this limited edition music box a work of art all its own. The bidding for this exclusive item starts at $4,999.95. Visit our Reuge Dolce Vita music box auction page to learn even more about it and place your bid.


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