Diamond Buying in Elgin

Diamond Buying in Elgin

If you want exquisite diamond jewelry in Elgin, then come to Windy City Jewelry & Loan. More than just a pawn shop, we sell fine jewelry and shimmering stones. If you're in the market for a quality diamond, there are a few things you should know. Here's a simple overview of things to consider when buying a diamond.

Diamond Buying in Elgin

Diamond Valuation and Appraisal

Windy City Jewelry & Loan of Elgin employs experienced diamond appraisers to evaluate the precious stones that we buy and sell. When it comes to valuing diamonds, the top considerations are cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

A diamond's cut helps determine the beauty of the stone. The shape, finish, proportion and angle of a diamond all affect how light hits the stone, which is what makes a diamond sparkle. A diamond's color rating is often thought to be the second most important quality, because people tend to notice a diamond's color right after noticing its sparkle. The ideal diamond is colorless to the naked eye, so a high-graded diamond has very little color. The small imperfections that occur in almost every diamond are referred to as a diamond's clarity. The higher the clarity grade, the fewer and smaller the imperfections. The last factor is the weight of the diamond, known as the carat weight.

Our diamond appraisers value all of these factors to guarantee that we buy and sell superior diamonds in Elgin. We have experience rating both diamonds set in jewelry, including diamond earrings and engagement rings, and loose diamonds. Windy City Jewelry & Loan can appraise your diamonds today.

Buying Retail Diamonds vs. Buying Pawn Diamonds

While you may think about buying retail diamonds, that's most likely not your cheapest option. If money is tight or you want to get a great deal, then you should instead buy resale diamonds. That's the best way to avoid the extreme markups on retail diamonds.

When you buy a diamond from a major retail jewelry store, the price will likely be marked up one to three times the original cost of the stone. That means you'll be paying a markup of over 100% for a retail diamond. Even if a store advertises a half-off sale, it isn't really a sale at all, but instead just a slightly reduced markup.

Windy City Jewelry & Loan doesn't overly mark up our diamond jewelry & loose stones. With new stones constantly coming in and our diamond selection always changing, our diamonds are priced to move. Come to our store to get great deals you won't find at a retail jewelry store. Visit Windy City Jewelry & Loan for the lowest-priced diamond jewelry in Elgin.

Why Pawn Diamonds in Elgin?

If you need quick cash, you don't necessarily have to sell your diamonds. Pawning diamonds is a great alternative. Our pawn shop gives you a cash loan and keeps your diamonds as collateral. Once you repay your loan, you get your diamonds back. It's a sensible way to get cash fast in Elgin. Visit our Loans page to find out more about pawn loans for your diamonds.

Whether you want to buy or sell a diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings, loose diamonds or a diamond necklace, Windy City Jewelry & Loan has the best prices in Elgin. Call us at 847-622-7296 or visit our pawn shop today to learn more!